about me


Hi! I’m Kristen 🙂

Life is wild, isn’t it? So who better to write about the craziness of life than a wild, crazy aspiring psychologist? That would be me. I’m 23 and studying hard to make my dreams come true. I’m interested in neuroscience, everything to do with the brain, health, and social psychology. Ask me a question via the comments and I’ll try my best to “psychologize” you and help answer the problem you may be facing! Hopefully, this blog will be educational for you and get you to keep up with current research in a fun way.

I also share personal experiences- my own struggle with anxiety and depression, and how I learnt (and am learning) to cope with these experiences. Hopefully, it can help you in some way!

Life can be challenging and wild, but if you find someone that can help and a community that supports you, it can make it so much better. I hope that my readers and I can form a community of like-minded people and we can all learn from each other.

Take care of yourselves

-The wild psychologist